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Best search results

  • 3 795 UAH
  • 2 849 UAH
  • 2 158 UAH
  • 2 534 UAH
    Ivano Frankovsk25.10.2017Warsaw
  • 5 821 UAH
  • 5 294 UAH
  • 18 552 UAH
  • 11 908 UAH
    Kiev26.10.2017Abu Dhabi23.11.2017Kiev
  • 17 833 UAH
  • 6 070 UAH
  • 11 970 UAH
    Munich31.10.2017Hong Kong
  • 3 720 UAH
  • 7 914 UAH
    Turkish Airlines
  • 5 891 UAH
  • 8 234 UAH
    Austrian Airlines
  • 42 193 UAH
  • 7 540 UAH
  • 5 746 UAH
  • 8 441 UAH
  • 819 UAH
  • 4 664 UAH
    Kuala Lumpur03.01.2018Koh Samui
  • 6 355 UAH
    Singapore04.01.2018Koh Samui
  • 4 125 UAH
    Bangkok06.01.2018Koh Samui
  • 2 587 UAH
  • 11 176 UAH
  • 6 652 UAH
  • 6 919 UAH
    Paris31.12.2017Gran Canaria16.01.2018Paris
  • 7 785 UAH
    Milan30.12.2017Gran Canaria16.01.2018Milan
  • 17 537 UAH
    Berne29.12.2017Gran Canaria14.01.2018Berne
  • 10 502 UAH
  • 5 352 UAH
    Zurich17.12.2017Gran Canaria12.01.2018Zurich
  • 9 597 UAH
  • 3 762 UAH
    Turkish Airlines
  • 3 055 UAH
    Turkish Airlines
  • 6 361 UAH
    Frankfurt18.12.2017Gran Canaria16.01.2018Frankfurt

How better to save on airline tickets?

We know that the sooner you can book and buy a ticket, the cheaper it costs. And if you determine in advance the date of the flight and buy a plane ticket as early as possible, you can make it cheaper to buy nearly half. But there are other factors that affect the price of the ticket. We decided to tell you about them so you can take them into account in order to save on the cost of the trip.

Low-cost carriers

There are low cost airlines, which are also referred to as discounters or low-cost airlines. The term comes from the English word «low cost», which means "low cost." The pricing policy of these companies is simple - they offer passengers extremely cheap airfares due to the fact that the cut for all the usual services of traditional airlines.
That's why low-cost carriers, passengers are faced with the following features:
- Passengers do not offer free food and drinks;
- There is a limit on baggage;
- Cheap tickets on board the aircraft are sold without fixing seats for the passenger;
- As the landing site using secondary airports;
- I bought a plane ticket can not be returned or changed it the date of departure;
- Direct air flights are short - the duration of the flight is usually not more than 3 hours;
- Absence of the usual booking office and plane tickets are usually purchased online loukostera.
This marketing approach allows companies to sell tickets at very low prices. For example, airfare between European countries stands at loukosterov is about 30 euros, and sometimes during the validity of any action, the price of the ticket may be in the range of 10-15 euros. This is the best way to get the cheapest flights.

Charter flights (charter)

Considerable savings can be obtained by using a charter flight, on board there are free places.
Cons charters:
- It is impossible to buy a plane ticket in advance;
- The departure times can be very uncomfortable;
- Carrier at the last moment can change the time of departure;
- Charter flights are carried out only in the most popular tourist destinations;
- The level of service is not the best;
- Tickets, although cheap, but not in the free market, and reserve or order them only those tour operators who organize charter flight.
Tour operators organizing your desired charter, can offer in the "burden" to buy a tour. Quite often, the cost of such travel with a charter flight to be lower than the price of a one-way ticket from the traditional airlines.
So you should really take a responsible approach to search, order and purchase tickets through the Internet on the website or at the box office of your city.

Official Promo

In traditional carriers often held promotions, during which you can buy tickets at a very good offer. It therefore has a reason to regularly review the official sites of the airlines or in advance to subscribe to their newsletter. It is also useful to know in advance which airline is often carried out the sale of cheap tickets.
Search resources
In the market of passenger transportation are a variety of airlines, and therefore it is physically impossible to see all of their websites and check the fare. However, in the network there are special resources that are searching for tickets on the official websites of air carriers. With these sites you can find a profitable ticket, but more and book it in advance.
As a rule, most of these sites do not engage in direct sales found the ticket, but only transhipped to the portal of the agency or airline ticket.
The work of search services is determined by three parameters:
- The range of coverage of air carriers;
- Ease of use and practicality;
- The presence of additional functions. When buying a ticket you need to take into account the following conditions Weekday
The most attractive offers for the purchase of the ticket usually come on Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday - days when companies usually reduce the price. On Tuesday, the best deals usually appear after 15 pm, and on Wednesday - just after midnight. Time of departure and arrival
The most unprofitable for departure day is Friday, and to return - Sunday (for the return flight). In those days, there is a lot of passengers who want to relax on the weekend, so the company raised ticket prices. Seasonality
A very important factor that greatly affects the price of the ticket. For example, - in the cold season tickets to Turkish resorts are very cheap, and before Christmas flights to Europe are sold at relatively high prices. The ability to buy a ticket in advance
From this point you have to decide yourself. On the one hand, the sooner you buy the ticket, the cheaper it is, and knowing the date of departure, you can pre-arrange it all for your schedule. On the other hand, the best deals on airline tickets with significant discounts usually appear on sale only at the last moment. Transplant
It is often a good tool to reduce the cost of the trip. And if you have a long flight, the change will not only save on tickets, but will warm up and relax a bit at the airport, which is transfer to another flight. Service level
You can refuse the additional service and choose the cheapest class, which also will save on the cost of the trip. In any case, you will be offered soft drinks and delicious sandwiches you can grab and home. If you do not have large luggage, it also will reduce the price of the ticket. Tips from experienced passengers
- Flights will cost much cheaper if you buy them in advance and both ends;
- A transfer from one flight to another should be planned in such a way so that you have left at least two hours. The process of landing, baggage claim and register for a new flight takes a lot of time. It is important to have sufficient time and in case of delay of your flight, because if you miss the second flight, you do not get any compensation. The exception is only in cases where tickets for both flights have been bought in the same company.
- It would be better if you rewind your luggage tightly with plastic wrap, since cases of theft of items of hand luggage at airports are quite common. You can do it yourself, but you can use a special service. For example, at the airport "Borispol" for 25 hryvnia you to completely pack a small bag with polyethylene; in Europe the same service costs around 25 euros.
- Many bags look very similar. In order that you can quickly identify your suitcase, better to be tied to its handle bright scarf or belt.

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On our website you can find air tickets for charter and regular flights. Just perform a search and you will be pleasantly surprised with our rates. To complete the reservation it's enough to indicate passenger's passport details. Booking on iFly.ua is confirmed reservation in the airline's management system, which is waiting for payment confirmation until reservation Time limit - latest date of payment set by the airline.

After completing the reservation you will be able to choose payment options. We accept cash (you may pay the bill in "Privat Bank" without any fees), debit or credit cards. After the payment you will get your electronic flight tickets. Electronic ticket is a protected record with a unique number in the airline database. Ticket number corresponds to the contract between the passenger and the airline. You will get an electronic confirmation with route plan, order and ticket numbers. Most airlines offer online registration the day before departure. We recommend you visit airline's website for simplified registration. This could save your time.